What is Nanotechnology paint protection?

Ancient Pottery

Developed over the 19th century, nanotechnology paint protection has turned out to be a very profitable option in the auto detailing industry from the use of tiny little polymers that are bonded with the paint on the surface of the vehicle. This idea originated from an ancient mesopotamian civilization 10,000 years ago when they used different metals, salts and oxides to be used in pottery making as a final step that would give a glittering shine from this metallic nano glaze.

Nanotech paint protection is a coating that is easily yet carefully applied to the vehicle so it will repel foreign objects like animal droppings, tree and plant sap along with any other environmental debri giving it the most protection available from corrosive damage. This type of surface engineering now makes it possible for tiny polymers to be transferred onto the vehicle in permanent bond which makes it inseparable from the car’s paint. It is generally seen as an investment to keep the vehicle’s market value intact for when it is time to upgrade.

Choosing the right paint protection will play a big role in the success and upkeep of your vehicle. All bonds have the ability to lose its strength over time so it is important to look into the manufacturer’s credibility, which includes customer reviews online and any type of warranty offered with your protection. It is also important to note that if for any reason down the track the protection needs to come off, it can only be done by a buff which may take some of the paints clear coat with it.

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