The Types of Nanotech protection available

Both glass and ceramic protections are now available from different manufacturers as they are supposed to be stronger and longer-lasting. If we take a look at these materials and see how they cope under different temperatures, we may notice that it might not be completely compatible with the body of our car. When the body of a vehicle is exposed to the hot sun, the panels often flex since we know hot metal expands while cold metal is far more rigid. If our cars are coated in glass or ceramic based paint protection which are both inflexible objects, then different conditions in temperature will likely start showing cracks in the protection.

Since warranty is a big factor in pricing, it is important to look at any conditions these manufacturers require. Take a look at a standard 7 year warranty for paint protection, if we read a little closer into the fineprint, some of these are asking its customers to verify annual or 2 yearly re-applications with monthly car washing to have these certificates validated.

Considering that you have chosen a reliable product, the success of your vehicles paint protection will always come down to the amount of prep and precision that your detailer has effectively put into the coating. Once the car is washed, clayed and buffed, it is a requirement to wipe down the entire surface with an alcohol cleaner. This specific step will remove all contaminants, dirt, sap and oils from the surface allowing the most effective protection to bond with the vehicle’s paint.

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