Rust Protection

Discovery 4wd Display

Rust Proofing is a process that relies on electrical currents to replace electrons that are lost during weather conditions, specifically humidity. As most people are aware, our vehicles undergo a chemical process when constantly exposed to oxygen and moisture especially in a hotter Australian climate. The metal that makes the body of our car slowly attempts to return to its natural state of iron oxide over time. During this process which loses electrons, the residue that is formed from the reaction is called Ferric Oxide which is also known as rust.

Rusting can be avoided through preventative measures by replacing these electrons faster than they are lost. Although there are quite a few methods for doing this, the most common two are called Capacitive Coupling and Impressed Current.

Capacitive Coupling sends a charge onto an insulated pad. The vehicles paintwork is used as a layer between the positive and negative charge. An Impressed Current setup directly connects to the vehicle body and emits a certain frequency which interrupts the natural rusting process on the body of the car.

Mr Shine has partnered with Advance Protection who have 20 years experience in the field of vehicle body and paint protection. We use a their new technology that is called HECC, High Energy Capacitive Coupling which is an advanced combination of both Impress Current and Capacitive Coupling. Currently, we are the only approved Rust Protection specialists in Coffs Harbour since the recent shake up in the industry.

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